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Congratulations! You're One Step Closer to Getting Creative!


Scott Bedford

What’s more, you ONLY need the things around you to get started.

No trips to the craft shop… no difficult skills to master… just resourceful and inspiring ways to make FUN and FUN’ctional things from everyday things.

Big ideas on a low budget

You’ll get totally original ideas for transforming the things around you, such as cereal boxes, old toys… and even used TIN CANS… into really cool things.

How to Make an Elegant Tea Light Holder From a Tin Can

Skills: A simple concept, but can get a bit fiddly.

Materials: You need an old tin can, tin snips, pliers and a glue gun... and a tea light!

Table top projects

You’ll need nothing more than basic equipment, and a table… no workbench required. Also, most projects are achievable in hours, not days!

How to Make a Toy Soldier Bookend From an Old G.I. Joe

Skills: Some jig-sawing of wood, the rest is easy.

Materials: An old G.I Joe action figure. Wood, glue, nuts and bolts. Hacksaw and jig-saw.

Creative Activities Can Help Us Manage Our Mood and Boost Wellbeing...

-Craft Council (UK) research

Not rocket science

You’ll not need to master difficult skills, the focus is on originality and ease of build, PLUS, every project comes with step-by-step instructions.

How to Make an Egg Cup From a Repurposed Fork

Skills: Simple technique, but requires some muscle!

Materials: Well, the clue is in the title... a metal fork, one with long tines. A hammer and pliers.

Love of imperfection

You’ll be encouraged to enjoy the process of creating, and not to obsess over the quality of the end product. Celebrate wonky!

How to Make Four Wonky Paper Dice... and Why You'd Want To!

Skills: You can't go wrong, it supposed to be wonky!

Materials: White paper and tape. Colouring-in pens, if you dont want to use my artwork.

Commit to Getting Creative

You’re going to need encouragement and a little push… I provide that through the MFC newsletter, so take a second to sign-up!

How to begin

Head over to the Fun Stuff to Make page, scroll down until something takes your fancy, then click (or tap) to get fun playful instructions!