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Ingenious Ideas. Inventive Illustrations

Make Fun Creating celebrates the fun of creating, whether that's ingenious books, creative crafts, or eye-catching digital products for your work or business. All from the mind (and pen) of Scott Bedford, award winning creative director, illustrator and best-selling author.

Header image: 'How Tweets Are Made' by Scott Bedford, Creative Review Illustration Annual

Playful Books

Three Books. Three Languages

Whether it's a book of ingenious craft projects for Dad and the kids, or a book of mazes where each maze is connected by a portal (making it the World's Longest Maze in a Book), they are michievously playful and totally unique.

Creative Crafts

Ingenious Crafts. Fun Instructions

Hand illustrated how-tos for making cool stuff from everyday materials. This is the craft project archive from What I Made, a Webby Award winning craft blog and the inspiration behind Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff.

Pitch-Winning Products

Win hearts. Win business

Templates, illustrations and fonts all designed to bring a distinctive human touch to your presentation, proposal, pitch or marketing. Used successfully in many professional presentations and proposals, for both small businesses and large corporations.

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