Why You're One Tin Can Away From Getting Creative


Scott Bedford

Creativity is a hot topic at the moment, in the workplace, and outside of work.

It seems businesses are finally valuing creativity (it’s something humans do better than robots)…

…and outside of work, there’s been a massive resurgence of interest in traditional creative pursuits; from arts and crafts, to the Maker Movement in the US, and the Men’s Shed movement in the UK. But why?

Creative Activities Can Help Us Manage Our Mood and Boost Wellbeing...

-Craft Council (UK) research

A recent study, conducted in partnership with the Craft Counceil (UK), has shown the ‘act of creating’ has tremendous health benefits, it releases dopamine, and can combat stress, loneliness and improve cognitive function.

That’s fantastic, but why are so many people are still missing out?

What’s holding people back?

  • They are too busy
  • They don't think they are creative
  • They don't want to spend money
  • They lack confidence
  • They struggle for ideas
  • They don't know where to begin

Does this sound like you?

If so, you are in the right place, because its my mission to make it EASY for EVERYONE to get creative… and what’s more, you only need the objects around you to get started.

Big ideas on a low budget

You’ll get totally original ideas for transforming the things around you, such as cereal boxes, old toys… and even used TIN CANS… into really cool things.

Tin can tea light holder
Great for your pocket... great for the planet!

Table top projects

You’ll need nothing more than basic equipment, and a table… no workbench required. Also, most projects are achievable in hours, not days, and some in minutes… perfect for the time-pressed.

Paper Nerf gun targets
Nerf gun targets made from a FREE printable

Not rocket science

You’ll not need to master difficult skills, the focus is on originality and ease of build, PLUS, every project comes with step-by-step instructions…

…like the excerpt below for the Toy Soldier Bookend project…

Next, cut in half... ergh!
Step 1 of the Toy Soldier bookend project#jpg

Which looks like this when finished

Toy Soldier bookend
Easy... when you follow our step-by-step guide!

Love of imperfection

You’ll be encouraged to enjoy the process of creating, and not to obsess over the quality of the end product. Celebrate wonky!

Egg cup made from a bent fork
It's wonky... but who doesn't love a fork egg cup!

How do I get started?

If this is the first time you have visited, go straight to the Start here! page.

For regulars, I’d suggest heading over to the project vault, and check out the latest projects.