Make Fun Creating's Mission

A Jouney That Might Sound Familiar

By Scott Bedford, Illustrator & Author

Have you, like me, used the web to look for ideas, and found yourself swamped with people doing it bigger, better and cooler than you could could ever do?

If you have, you'll know that while seeing cool stuff can be very inspiring, it also means we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, and often feeling second best.

Time to Do Things Differently

So, my mission is to shift the focus. To recognise, that when it comes to creating things, the fun is the process of creating itself, and perhaps, the playfullness of the thing you are making, but never in the size, quality and uniqueness of the end-product.

My Promise

To share projects that you will actually want to make.

To provide unique illustrated how-tos that make the making process more fun.

To use everyday materials and tools, the stuff every home has lying around.

To share my own fails and successes, and to have fun making with you.

Get Started Today

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