How to Make a Snowman Napkin Holder from Starbuck’s Cups


In 21 Cool Hand Drawn Steps

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An ice cool Snowman...
Repurposed paper cup snowman napkin holder
...that's also a handy napkin holder!
Repurposed paper cup snowman napkin holder

Next time you buy a Grande Latte from Starbucks, hang onto your paper cups. With a little ingenuity you can upcycle them into this cool Snowman napkin holder.

What’s more, it uses no other material, which was the challenge I originally set myself… “What could I make using ONLY paper cups?”.

Step by Step Guide

If you want to make your own paper cup snowman napkin holder, here’s some easy to follow instructions…

How to make a paper cup snowman napkin holder: Step 1-3

Step 1: Turn a 16fl oz paper cup (Starbuck’s Grande size) upside down and draw a line around it 8mm from the top and another 25mm from the bottom. Mark a 22mm section along the top line, this is a fold.

Draw the body of the snowman (4 curves) centred under the fold and between the two lines, leaving a 10mm gap at the top and a 6mm gap at the bottom. Use the illustration as reference.

Cut along the lines using a craft knife but don’t cut the fold! Also, make sure you keep the bottom offcut (A).

Step 2: Fold the top of the cup upwards to form the head.

Step 3: Fold both sides of the snowman’s body outwards.

How to make a paper cup snowman napkin holder:  Step 4-8

Step 4: Cut a 10mm strip from around the top of offcut (A).

Step 5: Wrap and glue the strip around the ‘neck’ of the snowman to create the first part of the scarf.

Step 6: On the bottom of offcut (A), adjacent to the rim, draw two ‘half’ hand shapes. Cut along the rim and around the hands.

Step 7: Unroll the rim to create the other half of each hand and trim it into a curve.

Step 8: Use a craft knife and sharp pencil to make a small hole in each side of the snowman. Trim each arm to a length of 52mm and insert one into each hole.

How to make a paper cup snowman napkin holder:  Step 9-16

Step 9: Grab the second paper cup. Cut two 10mm wide strips from around the base, these will form the front of the scarf.

Step 10: Snip the end of each strip with scissors to create ‘tassles’.

Step 11: Bend the strips to create a ‘wavy’ scarf effect and glue them onto the front of the neck.

Step 12: Now for the hat. First, cut out a rectangular section 30mm x 110mm from the spare cup.

Step 13: Next, cut a circle 35mm in diameter.

Step 14: And another circle 58mm in diameter.

Step 15: Roll the rectangle into a tube, with a 10mm overlap, and secure with glue.

Step 16: Glue each circle onto opposite ends of the tube.

How to make a paper cup snowman napkin holder:  Step 17-19

Step 17: To complete the hat simply glue it onto the top of the head.

Step 18: Next, cut a slender ‘V’ shape into the centre of the face and fold it up to create the snowman’s nose.

Step 19: Glue a strip of card 15mm x 45mm behind the ‘neck’ to strengthen it and stop the head from flopping down.

How to make a paper cup snowman napkin holder:  Step 20-21

Step 20: Mix some PVA glue with poster (or acrylic) paints and decorate your snowman.

Step 21: Use a black marker pen to add the eyes and mouth.

That’s it! Just add napkins and display on your Christmas table.

Materials List

  1. 2 x Starbucks Grande size paper cups
  2. Scissors and craft knife
  3. Pencil and ruler
  4. Poster/acrylic paints
  5. Paintbrush and mixing bowls 6 .Paper and card glue (e.g. UHU in the UK)
  6. PVA glue (for mixing with paint)
  7. Black marker pens
  8. Napkins!

Creative Takeaway

Seeing what you can make from just one material is a fun creative challenge. It’s also a great opportunity to repurpose something that would end up in the bin!

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