How to Build a Toast Tower Using Toast Connectors

The Silliest Thing You’ll Ever Make

Toast connectors: tower of toast
A huge toast tower construction...
Wire and bead toast connectors
...made from wire and bead connectors!
Wire and bead toast connectors
Use them to connect each slice of toast!

Warning: sense of humour required… this project is definitely very SILLY, possibly the silliest thing I’ve ever made!

But you know what, your kids will probably love it.

So, never dismiss a silly idea… if it puts a smile on someone’s face that’s justification enough. I certainly had a lot of fun!

Step by Step Guide

Here’s how to make your own ‘toast connectors’, time to get silly!

How to make Toast Stackers: illustration 1

Step 1: Cut some thin but stiff wire (jewellery wire or a straightened paper clip) into 60mm lengths using wire cutters.

Step 2: Feed thin sausages of FIMO (a polymer modelling clay) through the holes of some coloured wooden beads.

Step 3: Remove any excess FIMO, leaving the holes in the beads completely filled.

How to make Toast Stackers: illustration 2

Step 4: Carefully push the wire strips through the centre of each bead.

Step 5: Fill any gaps with more FIMO and smooth with your finger.

Step 6: Bake the beads in the oven to harden the FIMO.

Please note: If you don’t have polymer clay, use an epoxy based glue, or any other glue that you think might work.

Now you can start stacking!

Sliced bread doesn't have to be boring!

Materials List

  1. Colourful beads
  2. Polymer clay (FIMO) or glue
  3. Wire (a paper clip would work)
  4. Wire cutters or pliers with a cutter

Creative Takeaway

Stupid projects with no obvious purpose allow you to exercise your inner child, and that’s never a bad thing!

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