6 Cool Coffee Shop Crafts to Keep Your Kids Entertained


With Hand Drawn Instructions

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Six creative ways, using the materials found in coffee shops, to keep your kids entertained while you enjoy your coffee!

No.1 Espresso train

Coffee shop activity: Espresso Train

Keeps kids entertained for: 15 mins
Pros: Kids love trains, enough said!
Cons: Adults will need to get heavily involved

Coffee shop activity: Espresso train how-to illustration

Step 1: Take the cardboard sleeve nd add four additional folds.

Step 2: Shape it until it takes on a rectangular shape when viewd from above.

Coffee shop activity: Espresso train how-to illustration

Step 4: Draw a train onto each side of the sleeve and carefully tear around the train, removing the areas indicated in light red above.

Step 5: Break off pieces of a stirring stick and push them through the base of the sleeve, to form axles.

Step 6: Grab an instore leaflet and draw train wheels onto it, tear them out and force them onto the ends of the axles.

As a final touch, stick another piece of stirring stick in the chimney and push on crumpled pieces of napkin to create clouds!

No.2 Stick house

Coffee shop activity: Stick House

Keeps kids entertained for: 10mins
Pros: The perfect starter for older kids (7+)
Cons: Some parent involvement required

Coffee shop activity: Stick house how-to illustration

Step 1: Take one stick and hold it vertically. Overlay two more sticks so they form a cross towards the bottom third of the vertical stick.

Step 2: Interlock two horizontal sticks, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Step 3: Add another two sticks to form the roof.

Step 4: Add the final two sticks to form the sides of the house.

Step 5: Snap off the bottom of the side sticks so they are flush with the bottom of the house. That’s it!

No.3 Table football

Coffee shop activity: Table Football

Keeps kids entertained for: 10min
Pros: Very easy, and great for more than one child
Cons: It can get a bit noisy!

Make a football by screwing up a small piece of paper napkin. Create goals from paper cups. Use straws to blow the football between the posts.

No.4 Checker board

Coffee shop activity: Checker Board

Keeps kids entertained for: 10mins
Pros: Great challenge for older kids (7+)
Cons: You need a lot of sticks!

Weaves the stirring sticks in and out… just as if you were making a rug!

No.5 Wagon wheel

Coffee shop activity: Wagon Wheel

Keeps kids entertained for: 5mins
Pros: One for the young children (3+)
Cons: You can’t take it away with you.

Carefully position the sticks on top of each other, slightly rotating each stick.

No.6 Baby sick!

Coffee shop activity: Baby Sick

Keeps kids entertained for: 8mins
Pros: You only need a pen…
Cons: …it needs to be a permanent marker

Turn the plastic lid of a paper cup into a face using a marker pen. Tip the cup on its side (make sure its empty) and position it in front of a small spillage!

Creative Takeaway

Always choose a coffee shop that has wooden stirring sticks, they are the most useful of all the materials.

Always keep a marker pen in your bag, because if all else fails, the kids can just decorate their paper cup.

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