Inventive Books & Craft Sets

By Author, Illustrator Scott Bedford

Made by Papa Outdoor

Publisher: Frechverlag, Stuttgart (2022)

German language follow-up to the best selling Made by Papa (the German edition of Made by Dad). Launches in Spring 2022, along with two accompanying craft sets, see carousel.

Made by Papa Craft Sets

Publisher: Frechverlag, Stuttgart (2022)

German language craft sets to accompany the Made by Papa Outdoor book.

Mega-Maze Adventure!

Publisher: Workman, New York (2020)

A-MAZE-ING. Not just a maze–the book itself is a maze! A portal opens on the front cover, and the maze continues through every page, making this the world’s longest maze in a book.

Made by Dad

Publisher: Workman, New York (2013)

Chock full of extraordinary, custom-designed how-to projects for DIY parents everywhere... from full-length, artfully illustrated creations to smaller, MacGyver-like challenges. Over 120k copies sold.

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