What is Make Fun Creating?

First, A Bit About Scott Bedford

Scott Bedford, is a London based creative director and illustrator. Scott is also the author of the best selling book Made by Dad and Mega Maze Adventure, the world's longest maze in a book!

Where It All Began

As a child Scott spent hours drawing and making things, mostly crazy contraptions. But after going to art college, and then working in the creative industry, Scott found himself doing less and less creative things in his free time.

Creative Rekindling

That changed when Scott's oldest son began to draw, it proved to be the catalyst that rekindled his own passion for drawing and making things. Scott also found it to be a great way of getting rid of life’s stresses, something he felt others could benefit from too.

Webby Award Success

In 2010 Scott started sharing craft projects on a blog called What I Made. The unique hand drawn instructions quickly gained attention and within a year it won two Webby Awards and secured a book deal with a New York publisher. Today, that blog is called Make Fun Creating!

Pro-Draw Launch

Scott has now brought his ingenious, illustrative approach to the work place. Scott's mission is to help businesses, start-ups, entreprenurs and even teachers communicate their vision and ideas in a way that secures them the attention, investment or new business they want.

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