Who's Behind Make Fun Creating?


Scott Bedford

My name is Scott Bedford, I am a London-based creative director who has worked for both global agency networks and cutting-edge technology start-ups.

I am also the author of Made by Dad and a Webby Award–winning blogger who loves to make things and draw.

My second book, Mega Maze Adventure will be released in July 2020.

Where it all began

As a child I spent hours drawing and making things, I don’t know why, but they were nearly always crazy contraptions, like the one below.

But despite going to art college and then working in the creative industry, I found myself making LESS and LESS things over time.

Scott Bedford dreams up the diaper-sniper machine!

That continued until my youngest son began to draw, which proved to be a pivotal moment, and the catalyst that rekindled my own passion for making things.

When I ALSO discovered how wonderful it was at getting rid of life’s frustrations and stresses, I felt others could benefit too.

Scott Bedford 5 word Webby Award speech

So, in 2010 I started sharing my projects on a blog called What I Made… within a year it won 2 Webby Awards and I secured a book deal!

Make Fun Creating

Now my blog is called Make Fun Creating, as it better matches my mission of helping YOU to get as much out of being creative as I have!

I currently live with his wife and two sons in Marlow, England.