Moderately Difficult Projects Page

How to Make a DIY Toy Soldier Bookend From an Old G.I. Joe

Skills: Some jig-sawing of wood, the rest is easy.

Materials: An old G.I Joe action figure. Wood, glue, nuts and bolts. Hacksaw and jig-saw.

Turn Starbuck's Coffee Stirrers Into a Cool Coffee Container

Skills: Not too difficult, but requires some drilling.

Materials: 46 wooden Starbucks stirring sticks. Wooden beads. Scrap of tin (I cut mine from a sweet tin).

How to Build a Tall Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower

Skills: Easy'ish... gets trickier the taller you go.

Materials: Spaghetti, not the thin variety, and lots of marshmallows. An egg to balance on top!

How to Make an Elegant Tea Light Holder From a Tin Can

Skills: A simple concept, but can get a bit fiddly.

Materials: You need an old tin can, tin snips, pliers and a glue gun... and a tea light!

How to Make a Snowman Napkin Holder from Two Paper Cups

Skills: Moderate. Requires a bit of paper engineering.

Materials: Two grande size Starbucks coffee cups (or similar). Craft knife, colouring pens, glue.

How to Make a Birdfeeder from Upcycled Cans and Chopsticks

Skills: Easier than it looks. Requires some drilling.

Materials: Fizzy drink cans, wooden chopsticks (mine came from a noodle bar), small screws and string.

How to Make a Dimmer Switch Story Dial for Your Kid's Bedroom

Skills: Moderate. You'll need to do a bit of drawing.

Materials: Thick white card, craft knife, scissors, colouring-in pens... and a rotary dimmer switch!

How to Turn Scavenged Sticks into a Centrepiece Fruit Bowl

Skills: Basic sawing, drilling and wire bending.

Materials: Sticks gathered from a woodland walk. Wire, tin, a drill, pliers and small nails/tacks.