A Bit Tricky Projects Page

Fork Hack: How to Make a Egg Cup From a Repurposed Fork

Skills: Simple technique, but requires some muscle!

Materials: Well, the clue is in the title... a metal fork, one with long tines. A hammer and pliers.

How to Make a Cat in the Hat Costume with Pop-Up Cats

Skills: Manual option easy'ish. Pull-cord option tricky.

Materials: Red card, white card and ideally some Foamcore board. Craft knife, lolly stick, string etc.

How to Make a Steampunk Balancing Robot That Defies Gravity

Skills: Detailed assembly, but easy to work materials.

Materials: Toilet roll tubes, roll-on deodorant, wire, battery, hot glue and basic craft tools.

How to Make a Designer Lamp Shade from Oven Melted Plastic

Skills: The shade is easy'ish, the stand is trickier.

Materials: Large plastic 'coke' bottles, clear plastic party bowls, tin and wire. Plus basic tools.

How to Make a 'Snail Soup Decoy' Treasure Stash for Kids

Skills: A good challenge, but still very achievable.

Materials: Tin can, paper, card, spoon, PVA glue and basic craft tools. Comes with printable labels.

How to Make a Scary Shark Container From Polymer Clay

Skills: You'll need some modelling skills, be patient!

Materials: Silver, blue, white, red, black polymer clay, I used FIMO. Wire for the support frame.

How to Make Yukky Bugs From Pencils and Paperclips

Skills: Fiddly, but straight forward techniques.

Materials: Old pencils and paperclips. Acrylic paint and brushes. Hacksaw, pliers, glue and sandpaper.