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What Do I Need?

Very little! I focus on table top projects that use everday materials and everday equipment… such as scissors, colouring pens and glue… some require basic household tools like pliers, a hammer and drill.

What’s Coming Up

1. Get Creative Right Now

Quick start projects you can complete today!

2. Get Creative This Weekend

Fun but more involved projects perfect for the weekend!

Get Creative Right Now

How to Make a Pen Tidy from a Tin Can and Printable

Skills: Easy! Draw your own label for a greater test.

Materials: An empty tin can and paper, ideally you'll be able to print onto shiny'photographic' paper.

How to Make Four Wonky Paper Dice (And Why You'd Want To)

Skills: You can't go wrong, it supposed to be wonky!

Materials: White paper and tape. Colouring-in pens, if you dont want to use my artwork.

5 Wacky Printable Nerf Gun Targets with Stands

Skills: Easy to make stands with printable targets.

Materials: Paper, card and toilet roll tubes (or wire) for the stands. Colouring-in pens and glue.

How-To: Paper Fortune Teller Printable With Funny Fortunes

Skills: Simple origami. Draw your own, or use printable.

Materials: Sheet of paper and colouring-in pens (printable has a finished and colouring-in option).

How to Build a Tall Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower

Skills: Easy'ish... gets trickier the taller you go.

Materials: Spaghetti, not the thin variety, and lots of marshmallows. An egg to balance on top!

6 Cool Crafts to Keep Your Kids Entertained at a Coffee Shop

Skills: Easy ideas using coffee shop materials.

Materials: Paper coffee cups, cardboard sleeves, wooden stirring sticks, straws. A black sharpie.

Get Creative This Weekend

Fork Hack: How to Make a Egg Cup From a Repurposed Fork

Skills: Simple technique, but requires some muscle!

Materials: Well, the clue is in the title... a metal fork, one with long tines. A hammer and pliers.

How to Turn Scavenged Sticks into a Centrepiece Fruit Bowl

Skills: Basic sawing, drilling and wire bending.

Materials: Sticks gathered from a woodland walk. Wire, tin, a drill, pliers and small nails/tacks.

How to Make an Elegant Tea Light Holder From a Tin Can

Skills: A simple concept, but can get a bit fiddly.

Materials: You need an old tin can, tin snips, pliers and a glue gun... and a tea light!

How to Make a DIY Toy Soldier Bookend From an Old G.I. Joe

Skills: Some jig-sawing of wood, the rest is easy.

Materials: An old G.I Joe action figure. Wood, glue, nuts and bolts. Hacksaw and jig-saw.

Turn Starbuck's Coffee Stirrers Into a Cool Coffee Container

Skills: Not too difficult, but requires some drilling.

Materials: 46 wooden Starbucks stirring sticks. Wooden beads. Scrap of tin (I cut mine from a sweet tin).

How to Make a Birdfeeder from Upcycled Cans and Chopsticks

Skills: Easier than it looks. Requires some drilling.

Materials: Fizzy drink cans, wooden chopsticks (mine came from a noodle bar), small screws and string.

How to Make a Scary Shark Container From Polymer Clay

Skills: You'll need some modelling skills, be patient!

Materials: Silver, blue, white, red, black polymer clay, I used FIMO. Wire for the support frame.

How to Make a Designer Lamp Shade from Oven Melted Plastic

Skills: The shade is easy'ish, the stand is trickier.

Materials: Large plastic 'coke' bottles, clear plastic party bowls, tin and wire. Plus basic tools.

How to Make Yukky Bugs From Pencils and Paperclips

Skills: Fiddly, but straight forward techniques.

Materials: Old pencils and paperclips. Acrylic paint and brushes. Hacksaw, pliers, glue and sandpaper.

Good luck! Show me your finished projects on Twitter @makefuncreating or on my Facebook page… I’d love to see them!