How to Play Battle Sledges (The Alternative Sledging Game)

Battle sledges: a fun snow activity
A barricade to hide behind...
Battle sledges: a fun snow activity
...a bunker to stash ammunition...
Battle sledges: a fun snow activity
...and a fort to defend with your life!

When little legs get tired of pulling sledges up hills… it’s time to play Battle Sledges!

A fun game that involves sledges… but doesn’t involve sledging… or hills!

Think of it as a snowball dodgeball, played either side of a battleline, with each sledge a snowball barricade!

The rules

It’s simple to play, but you need two sledges.

The Battlefield
Battle sledges game: illustration 1

The Set-up

STEP 1: Start by sticking each sledge upright in the snow and about 20ft apart

STEP 2: Draw a battle line down the middle.

STEP 3: Divide the players into two teams, and choose a side for each team to play. Give each team 10 minutes to stock their sledge barricades with as many snow balls as they can.

The Game Play

On commencement of the game, each team must hit the opposing team’s players with as many snowballs as possible, a direct hit equals 1 point.

The sledges can be used as a protective shield, but no crossing the battle line… you’re not allowed to raid the other team’s ammo stash!

Game etticut!
Battle sledges game: illustration 1
  1. Faces and especially eyes (A) are off limits.
  2. Sneaky shots down the back of the neck (B) are allowed.
  3. The body area is the most padded (C) so don’t waste your ammo here.
  4. Legs are good (D) especially if they are wearing absorbent denim!
  5. Even better, aim for the top of the trousers (E).

Creative Takeaway

Life is full of less obvious opportunities to get creative… such as inventing an impromptu game using the things around you!