Fork Hack: How to Make a Egg Cup From a Repurposed Fork

Egg cup made from a repurposed (recycled) fork
An old bent fork, throw it away…
Egg cup made from a repurposed (recycled) fork
…but wait, it’s an egg cup holder.
Egg cup made from a repurposed (recycled) fork
It makes your eggs even sunnier!

Learn how to make a quirky egg cup from a repurposed fork… using ONLY your muscles and a hammer!

And, may I add… not any old egg cup, one of the COOLEST handmade egg cups you’ll find!

But be prepared… you’ll get quite an upper body workout (not that a bit of exercise is a bad thing). Just, follow the simple steps below…

Step by step guide

Warm up those arm muscles and then follow the instructions below. First, here’s a couple of things you need, one optional…

How to make secret agent treasure box: illustration 1

Yes, the technique I used required serious elbow grease, so you might need the services of a ‘strong man’ (A). You’ll definitely need a metal fork (B).

Please note: The ideal fork will have long tines (able to cradle an egg) and a handle long enough to form a stable base.

Bend the fork
How to repurpose (recycle) an old fork into an egg cup: illustration 2

STEP 1: Place the handle of a metal fork inbetween the claws of a hammer, and bend the fork into a U-shape, by applying pressure to the other end.

STEP 2: Now hook the bend over one claw, and twist the tines part of the fork upwards, it needs to be at right angles to the rest of the fork.

How to repurpose (recycle) an old fork into an egg cup: illustration 3

STEP 3: Continue to bend and shape the fork until the handle acts as a stable base (it needs to sit flat!).

How to repurpose (recycle) an old fork into an egg cup: illustration 4

STEP 4: Use pliers to bend the two outside tines and two inside tines outwards, in opposite directions.

STEP 5: Looking from the top down, bend the two central tines apart.

Boil the egg
How to repurpose (recycle) an old fork into an egg cup: illustration 5

STEP 6: Finally, curve the tines using pliers until the egg is supported snugly.

That’s it! Once you’ve finished making your repurposed fork egg cup, there’s just one final strep, go boil an egg, and try it out!


  • Old metal fork with long tines
  • Claw hammer
  • Pliers
  • Strong muscles!

Creative Takeaway

It’s often possible to transform an object, and its function, by simply changing its shape… without adding a thing, and without tricky engineering.

Look around you, what else can you find that could be easily given a new purpose?

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