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How to Make a 'My Hero' Custom Medal Set Father's Day Card

Make Dad a Fathers Day card he will wear with pride, not just put on the shelf…

…although there’s an option for doing that too!

Either way, this personalised set of medals is a great way to celebrate your Dad’s best qualities… you know, like Groovy Mover, Brilliant BBQer, Coolest Coach etc.

DIY 'My Hero' Father's Day card medal set
Looks good on the sideboard...
Dad wearing a 'My Hero' Father's Day card medal set on his chest
...looks even better on Dad!

Just choose the six medals that best describe your Dad, or take a blank medal and illustrate it yourself (see below).

Free Printable Medals
Sheet of Printable Medals

Step by step guide

It’s really easy to make your own ‘My Hero’ custom medal set Father’s Day card. Start off by downloading the Medals and Ribbon artwork below…

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Printable artwork

Got the artwork? Let’s begin

Print, cut & colour
How to make a DIY 'My Hero' Father's Day card medal set: Step 1-3

STEP 1: Print out the medals and ribbon artwork onto two sheets of A4 paper or card.

STEP 2: Colour in the ribbons and then cut along the solid line that surrounds all six ribbons.

STEP 3: Choose six medals that best describe your Dad’s unique qualities, or use the blank medals to draw your own fun ‘character traits’. Colour them in and cut them out.

Attach medals
How to make a DIY 'My Hero' Father's Day card medal set: Step 4

STEP 4: Attach each medal onto the end of a ribbon using glue or small tubes of sticky tape (centre them on top of the ‘x’s).

Assemble card
How to make a DIY 'My Hero' Father's Day card medal set: Step 5-8

STEP 5: Fold an A4 sheet of paper or card (210gsm) in half to form the greeting card.

STEP 6: Next, fold the top of the ribbons over, along the dotted line, and attach to the front of the card using a safety pin.

STEP 7: Write a fun headline on the front of the card… something like ‘To the Best Dad in the World’ or ‘My Hero Dad’.

STEP 8: Finally, write your personal message on the inside of the card and then stick the whole thing into an A5 envelope.

All done, and ready to give to Daddy!


  • Two sheets of A4 paper (or 210gsm card)
  • Colouring-in pens
  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • Safety pin
  • Glue or sticky tape

Creative Takeaway

A good idea always beats drawing ability… so if you’re not a confident drawer, ideas like this Medal Set are a good way to hide it.

And never forget, a greeting card can be interactive… it doesn’t just have to be a folded sheet of card with a picture!