The Presentation Extended License allows you to use a Presentation Template to create multiple end products. You can’t re-distribute the Presentation Template as-is or with superficial modifications. If the end product forms part of another product, it can be sold, read below for details. If you are not looking for commercial use, you probably only need the Presentation Regular License.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. What you can do with the Presentation Template
  3. What you can’t do with the Presentation Template
  4. Other license terms

1. Overview

1.1. This license grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to make use of the digital Presentation Template you have selected. Read the rest of this license for the details that apply to your use of the Font, as well as the General Terms of Use License (which form part of this license).

1.2. This license is for one copy (one seat, or one usage at any one time) of the Presentation Template, installed on up to 2 of your computers.

1.3. If you want to purchase a Presentation Template license for larger numbers of people, please contact [email protected].

2. What you can do with the Presentation Template

2.1. You can use a Presentation Template to create an unlimited number of different End Products; where an End Product is as a tailored version of the Presentation Template, for a single use, created by modifying, customising and editing the Presentation Template files.

2.2. End Products can be created in the native format of the Presentation Templates you purchased (such as .pptx for PowerPoint) or exported as other formats, such as a PDF, image files or a video. Each format can be distributed in a different way:

(a) If the End Product is a PDF, video, image(s) you can distribute it freely. It can be emailed widely or hosted on a server and made available as a download from a website. (b) If the End Product is a physical print-out, such as hard copies of a presentation you created, you are limited to a reproduction limit of 500 copies. (c) If the End Product is a presentation file in it’s native form (such as PowerPoint .pptx file), you cannot share it publicly. It can only be shared directly with known parties, such as clients and customers. If a recipient wants to use it to create new End Products, they must purchase their own license.

2.3. You are permitted to use a Presentation Template for work you are doing for a client. In such an instance, you are buying the file on your client’s behalf. Once you transfer the end product to the client (e.g. giving them source files for the Presentation Template), be sure to link your client to our licenses and delete the Presentation Template files from your computer.

2.4. You can use the Presentation Template to create designs, and artwork for merchandising. Examples of merchandising include: screensavers, e-cards, physical products like t-shirts, mugs and calendars.

2.5. You can use the Presentation Template to create End Products, that when used in cojunction with other things, form a larger product which is then sold (see Clause 3.4). If the End Product is a native presentation file (such as PowerPoint .pptx file), your customers cannot re-distribute it, or use it create to create a new End Product.

For example: You license a Presentation Template and use it to create a “Help or support document” which you include as PDF in a digital product you are selling Or, you sell an online course, and use a Presentation Template to create some of the course materials which are downloaded by your customers.

3. What you can’t do with the Presentation Template

3.1. You can’t re-distribute the Presentation Template as-is or with superficial modifications, it can only be distributed as an End Product, after being significantly modified, customised and edited for a specific purpose, such as business pitch.

3.2. One exception is when collaborating with colleagues. In this instance, your colleagues may have access to the Presentation Template files while creating the End Product, after which they must delete the files. They cannot, at a future date, use the Presentation Template (or End Product) for creating other presentations, independent of you, the purchaser. For this, they will need to purchase their own license.

3.3. You, or people you distribute the End Product to, can’t extract elements, especially the illustrations, for use outside of the End Product. In some instances the illustrations found in a Presentation Template are also sold separately, under the Illustration Regular and Extended License, check the store for availability.

3.4. You can’t use the Presentation Template to create and then sell an End Product, where the primary value of the product lies in the Presentation Template, including:

(a) an End Product where the Presentation Template serves as its core component, and where without the incorporation of the Presentation Template it would not fundamentally differ than any other product of similar nature and use; and/or (b) an End Product where the incorporation of the Presentation Template is what makes the product fundamentally unique and valuable, and is the main driving factor for the sale of the End Product.

4. Other license terms

4.1. You can only use Presentation Templates for lawful purposes. Also, you can’t use Presentation Templates in connection with defamatory, obscene or demeaning material, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

For more information on sensitive subjects, see the General Terms of Use License.

4.2. Even if the the Illustrations used in Presentation Templates are model-released, you can’t use them in a way that creates a fake identity, or implied personal endorsement of a product by the person. For more information about model and property releases, see the General Terms of Use License.

4.3. You must not use Presentation Templates in violation of any export laws that apply to you.

4.4. This license applies in conjunction with the Make Fun Creating Terms. If there is an inconsistency between this license and the Make Fun Creating Terms, this license will apply to the extent necessary to resolve the inconsistency.

4.5. This license can be terminated if you breach it and don’t remedy the breach. If termination happens, you must stop using the Presentation Template, which includes no longer making copies of or distributing End Products created using the Presentation Template. This license can also be terminated for only the End Products to which a breach relates (rather than all End Products). In this case, this clause applies only to those End Products.

4.6. The author of the Presentation Templates (Make Fun Creating) retains ownership of the Presentation Templates but grants you the license on these terms. You can’t claim ownership of the Presentation Templates, even if modified under clause 2.1, for example through content identification systems.

4.7. This license is between the author (Make Fun Creating) of the Presentation Template and you.


“End Product”: See clause 2.2 of this license.

“Template”: A design created with the purpose of being customised, personalised and modified by 3rd parties for their specific use. Normally sold as downloadable source files, such as Photoshop or PowerPoint files.

“You”: Yourself or your business entity. For an employee acting on behalf of an organization, that organization.

Last updated April 11, 2021

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