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"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt"

- Sylvia Plath

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Fork Hack: How to Make a Egg Cup From a Repurposed Fork

Skills: Simple technique, but requires some muscle!

Materials: Well, the clue is in the title... a metal fork, one with long tines. A hammer and pliers.

How to Make a DIY Toy Soldier Bookend From an Old G.I. Joe

Skills: Some jig-sawing of wood, the rest is easy.

Materials: An old G.I Joe action figure. Wood, glue, nuts and bolts. Hacksaw and jig-saw.

Turn Starbuck's Coffee Stirrers Into a Cool Coffee Container

Skills: Not too difficult, but requires some drilling.

Materials: 46 wooden Starbucks stirring sticks. Wooden beads. Scrap of tin (I cut mine from a sweet tin).

How to Build a Tall Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower

Skills: Easy'ish... gets trickier the taller you go.

Materials: Spaghetti, not the thin variety, and lots of marshmallows. An egg to balance on top!

How to Wall Hang a Skateboard to Show off the Graphics

Skills: Super easy, but requires some wall drilling.

Materials: Apart from a skateboard, you just need some rope and screws (and wall plugs for brick walls).

How to Make an Elegant Tea Light Holder From a Tin Can

Skills: A simple concept, but can get a bit fiddly.

Materials: You need an old tin can, tin snips, pliers and a glue gun... and a tea light!

How to Make 3 Mommy Reward Coupons for Mother's Day

Skills: Easy, there's no wrong way to do this one!

Materials: Coloured card, ideally some gold metallic card, black pens, paper glue. And Scissors!

How to Make a Cat in the Hat Costume with Pop-Up Cats

Skills: Manual option easy'ish. Pull-cord option tricky.

Materials: Red card, white card and ideally some Foamcore board. Craft knife, lolly stick, string etc.

How to Make an 'I Love You This Much' Mother's Day Card

Skills: Super easy, especially if you use my printable.

Materials: White card, paper will work to. Colouring-in pens... er, that's about it!

Mouse Thieves: A Wacky Gift Wrap Idea for Christmas

Skills: Easy, comes with printable mouse artwork.

Materials: Cardboard box, white card, paper, colouring-in pens, craft knife, paper glue.

How to Make a 'My Hero' Custom Medal Set Father's Day Card

Skills: Really easy, just use my printable medals.

Materials: Nothing more than some white paper (or card), colouring pens, scissors and paper glue.

How to Make Spooky Knife Block Cutouts for Halloween

Skills: Easy. Mummy & Frankenstein artwork provided.

Materials: Paper, card, colouring-in pens, scissors and paper glue. Yes, you'll need a knife block!

How to Make a Snowman Napkin Holder from Two Paper Cups

Skills: Moderate. Requires a bit of paper engineering.

Materials: Two grande size Starbucks coffee cups (or similar). Craft knife, colouring pens, glue.

How to Make Four Wonky Paper Dice (And Why You'd Want To)

Skills: You can't go wrong, it supposed to be wonky!

Materials: White paper and tape. Colouring-in pens, if you dont want to use my artwork.

How to Make a Telescopic Floor Light From Christmas Tree Lights

Skills: A cool project if you want a challenge!

Materials: White card (A2), Foamcor board, coins, wire, glue gun, carbaord tube... Christmas tree lights.

6 Cool Crafts to Keep Your Kids Entertained at a Coffee Shop

Skills: Easy ideas using coffee shop materials.

Materials: Paper coffee cups, cardboard sleeves, wooden stirring sticks, straws. A black sharpie.

How to Make a Steampunk Balancing Robot That Defies Gravity

Skills: Detailed assembly, but easy to work materials.

Materials: Toilet roll tubes, roll-on deodorant, wire, battery, hot glue and basic craft tools.

How to Make a Birdfeeder from Upcycled Cans and Chopsticks

Skills: Easier than it looks. Requires some drilling.

Materials: Fizzy drink cans, wooden chopsticks (mine came from a noodle bar), small screws and string.

How to Make a Pen Tidy from a Tin Can and Printable

Skills: Easy! Draw your own label for a greater test.

Materials: An empty tin can and paper, ideally you'll be able to print onto shiny'photographic' paper.

How to Make a Designer Lamp Shade from Oven Melted Plastic

Skills: The shade is easy'ish, the stand is trickier.

Materials: Large plastic 'coke' bottles, clear plastic party bowls, tin and wire. Plus basic tools.

How to Build an Edible Toast Tower Using Toast Connectors

Skills: An easy project, all be it a bit left field!

Materials: Coloured beads, paperclips, glue or polymer clay. Sliced toast, cut in half and diagonally!

How to Make a Dimmer Switch Story Dial for Your Kid's Bedroom

Skills: Moderate. You'll need to do a bit of drawing.

Materials: Thick white card, craft knife, scissors, colouring-in pens... and a rotary dimmer switch!

How-To: Paper Fortune Teller Printable With Funny Fortunes

Skills: Simple origami. Draw your own, or use printable.

Materials: Sheet of paper and colouring-in pens (printable has a finished and colouring-in option).

How to Make a 'Snail Soup Decoy' Treasure Stash for Kids

Skills: A good challenge, but still very achievable.

Materials: Tin can, paper, card, spoon, PVA glue and basic craft tools. Comes with printable labels.

How to Make a Scary Shark Container From Polymer Clay

Skills: You'll need some modelling skills, be patient!

Materials: Silver, blue, white, red, black polymer clay, I used FIMO. Wire for the support frame.

How to Make a Space Themed Marble Run for School Science Day

Skills: My version is tricky, but can be simplified.

Materials: MDF/plywood to make the stand. Dowel and baton for the rails. Tin and wire for the rest!

5 Wacky Printable Nerf Gun Targets with Stands

Skills: Easy to make stands with printable targets.

Materials: Paper, card and toilet roll tubes (or wire) for the stands. Colouring-in pens and glue.

How to Make Yukky Bugs From Pencils and Paperclips

Skills: Fiddly, but straight forward techniques.

Materials: Old pencils and paperclips. Acrylic paint and brushes. Hacksaw, pliers, glue and sandpaper.

How to Turn Scavenged Sticks into a Centrepiece Fruit Bowl

Skills: Basic sawing, drilling and wire bending.

Materials: Sticks gathered from a woodland walk. Wire, tin, a drill, pliers and small nails/tacks.

Why Every Cardboard Fort Should Have a Secret Escape Chute

Skills: Super simple cardboard engineering.

Materials: Cardboard boxes and a long'ish carboard tube. Colouring-in pens, glue and scissors etc.

How to Play Battle Sledges (The Alternative Sledging Game)

Skills: Simple winter activity for when it snows.

Materials: Snow and two sledges. Clever way to use your sledges for something other than sledging!

How to Make Fun Finish Your Food Cards for Picky Eaters

Skills: Easy. The plate grip can be fiddly to make.

Materials: Paper, card, glue, scissors and bulldog clips. There's two options, one requires wire.

How to Build a Treehouse Without Any Trees

Skills: Tricky, but perfect for confident DIYers.

Materials: Wood (various sizes) screws, nails, rope, drill, hammer and so on. You'll need a garden shed!

Tools Worth Buying?

Why Aviation Snips Are a Makers Secret Weapon

Cost: Budget Aviation Snips sell for ± $10/£11.

Usage: One of my favourite tools, can cut anything from tin cans, to thick plastic and leather.